Guys Who Ghost

If you’ve ever been ghosted, you know the weird, confused feelings it can induce. Or, maybe it just pisses you off. Perhaps it both confuses you and pisses you off.  This is an entirely normal reaction. (Will continue on this subject later.)

Some people get ghosted fairly early in the process of forming a connection or establishing a relationship. Often, ghosting happens during the initial stages of connection—within in the “getting to know each other” stage or within the first few messages, even.  But, sometimes, it happens well after a long-term relationship has been established. This is probably the most hurtful and confusing time.

Here is something I saved to write about that I’d forgotten I’d stashed away. I don’t remember the source, but it opens the door to a great investigation on the subject of ghosting.

Unlike “Mean Guys,” “Ghosts” tend to dislike confrontation. They are basically avoidant by nature. This man probably originally left by simply disappearing from your life without telling you why. He stopped calling and did not answer your texts. You were left wondering what happened. Now he has reappeared, and you have no idea why he is back or why he left.

When you ignore a “Ghost,” he usually goes away again. He is likely to have a whole list of women that he has done exactly the same thing to. As people are generally interchangeable to narcissists and are valued mainly for the functions that they provide and not for themselves, your “Ghost” will likely go on and contact someone else on his list. Ghosts rarely explain why they leave, but they are used to moving on and haunting someone else.

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