Newly Single Discoveries


Being newly single can be agonizingly difficult depending on the circumstances. If you’re the dumpEE, not the dumpER, the period of time in which it takes to resume a “normal” life can vary greatly. For me it took six months of crying before I regained any semblance of normality.

Below are some (personal) random facts about being newly single. This is an ongoing list.

1. If you want to lose weight, go through a breakup!  Nothing works better. People say that being in love is the magic ingredient for weight loss–but this is not true. When you are in love (or beginning the pursuit of a love interest) you go out to eat with them, drink with them; maybe forget about the little things that can cause weight gain. These activities are fun and one easily forgets that these initial (and ongoing) activities can add unnoticed pounds.

When you go through a breakup you don’t want to eat, drinking just makes you more depressed, and everything in between makes you sick to your stomach.

2. If you lack or have lost the holiday spirit, just spend the holidays alone and you will certainly find it! Nothing inspires one to want to be around people they care about like having no one to spend the holidays with. (Even if you don’t celebrate holidays!)

3. If you once felt yourself becoming less interested in sex with your partner, try having none one to have it with! It works wonders! Suddenly you want it ALL THE TIME. I have found that being single is the most powerful aphrodisiac! (Being familiar with your local adult toy store helps immensely during this period!)

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